A local organization founded since 2012, focuses on youth, gender, and community initiatives. Drabzeen Human Development Provides a forum for Jordanian youth to discuss human rights, democracy and political participation. Through café talks, debating tools, online media including Social Media, video production.


Drabzeen works in several fields as follows:

  1. Promoting good governance.
  2. Promoting Human rights.
  3. Promoting the rehabilitation for Jordanian work market.
  4. Implementing a group of initiatives to support the rule of law and media and technology in development, Health and Environment.
  5. Fundraising for the small economic projects.

At Drabzeen, we dedicate our efforts to improve the youth communities living conditions. This is achieved through a variety of programs that are designed to address the youth’s real needs in their regions.

Drabzeen believes in the importance of research and development.

We work with the youth, aiming to provide them with the skills and capabilities that would maximize the benefit of their potential and energy; Hoping that this would be reflected onto them and their families in regards to the economic, health and social aspects.

We believe in partnerships, as it allows us to learn from others and combine our efforts to reach better outcomes. We are open to work side by side with any other organization that shares our vision of development and the continuous improvement in Jordan.

Drabzeen Vision:

To Reach a strong community structure, which has the ability to face its deferent challenges, rich of knowledge and culture resulting from the accumulated experiences and effective participation in development in Jordan and the region.


Drabzeen Message:

Drabzeen has taken the responsibility of providing a creative environment for youth in Jordan and the region. We aim to participate in formulating policies regarding the youth that clarifies their role in the society in terms of rights and duties.

Finally, to ensure the sustainability of the impact and influence we aim to reflect through our different programs, we aspire to involve educational and non-governmental organizations.

Drabzeen goals:

  1. Enhance youth civic engagement and participation in decision-making and political processes and institutions.
  2. Equal participation of women and men in decision making.
  3. Provide more concrete platforms for youth participation, to support existing local youth networks and initiatives, and to include youth in science, technology and innovation initiatives.
  4. Engage youth through outreach, advocacy and mainstreaming of youth issues in all spheres of development planning.